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Posted on: 2014-07-09 15:09:18
Important! New Client version 1.2 available!

Due to some external issues regarding our Hostname, the client has been updated. You need to download it in order to be able to log in.

Download it from the following link. Have fun!

Posted on: 2014-07-02 01:15:48
Patch Notes
  • The formula that determines the price of blessings has been reworked. Additionally, the bug where you could not buy any blessings at level 50 has been solved.
  • The damage formula of Inflict Wound has been reworked. It now does more damage at higher levels.
  • A new area has been added to the hellish realm. Venture into the Blight Valley and discover its secrets!
  • It is no longer possible to access the room of NPC Zoltan.
  • Prismatic Boots are now usable by knights (instead of paladins), as intended.
  • Royal Crossbow now increases your distance fighting by 2. Its level requirement has been increased to 150.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed only level 8 characters to create guilds.

Posted on: 2014-06-10 01:46:38
Patch Notes
  • The range of Holy Thunder has been increased from 3 to 4.
  • The price formula to purchase the blessing has been reworked. It is now cheaper at lower levels, but continues to scale until level 200.
  • Expanded the underground lich area below the pyramid in Arenera.
  • Adjusted the damage of Hellborns to be less predictable and give them the ability to combo.
  • The shielding increase of Iron Wall has been reduced from 250% to 200%.
  • A new waypoint has been added in the Lair of the Hopeless.
  • Fixed a bug where players who got pulled by a vortex after Thesarus died would not get teleported to the reward room.
  • The bog raider area in the swamp has been expanded. In addition, the damage of bog raiders has been slightly reduced and their experience has been increased.
  • The areas of shaburak and askarak demons have been expanded. Also, lords and princes have been added to the area, and a quest has been added to each one of them.
  • The level requirement of the Rise of the Ancestors quest has been removed.

Posted on: 2014-05-20 23:08:55
Patch Notes
  • You may from now on equip ammunition to your arrow slot by simply "using" it.
  • You may now log in with more than 1 character of your account at the same time. Keep in mind that the use of bots is still punishable.
  • Blood rage and Iron Wall are no longer usable at the same time.
  • The interval between battles against The Evil has been reduced to 15 minutes.
  • Increased the health of Thesarus and reduced his combo abilities while slightly increasing his average damage.
  • Added a new waypoint near the bleeding mountain, in Hell.
  • Item changes:
    • Hellforged Axe: Now grants 50 attack (from 51), and now heals 12-18 health points on hit.Stomper: Now grants 49 attack (from 50) and a defense modifier of 4 (from 5), and now heals 15-19 health points on hit.
    • Emerald Sword: Now requires level 110 (from 100) to be wielded, and now heals 15-17 health points on hit.
    • Stonecutter Axe: Now grants 49 attack (from 50).
    • Shiny Blade: Now increases your sword fighting by 2 (from 1).
    • Prison Island wands/rods now correctly increase your magic level by 1.
    • Infernal Brigadine: Now correctly only wieldable by knights of level 250 or higher.
    • Reduced the average healing on hit of the Royal Axe, the Blessed sceptre and the Justice seeker.
  • It should be no longer possible to skip the area before the Butcher.
  • Some creature products that were unsellable have been added to the buylists of NPCs.
  • Sniper arrows can now be purchased at NPCs, as intended.
  • Reduced the rate at which Death Spawners summon their minions.
  • Fixed some mapbugs.

Posted on: 2014-04-29 13:45:27
Patch Notes
Together with the patch, we are introducing the extra loot week! Until May 4th, all creatures will have 50% increased loot droprates. Make sure to get your hands on those valuable rares!
  • Soul points are now capped at 250 instead of 600 due to a bug not displaying the correct amount of soul points your character had. Soul point gain/loss rates have been adjusted accordingly.
  • Slightly increased the experience of several creatures of the hellish realm. Also, the experience of Serpent spawns has been lowered, and the experience of Behemoths and Volcanic Beasts has been increased.
  • 4 additional creatures may now spawn as elite monsters.
  • Minor adjustments have been done to the experience rates at higher levels.
  • The overall damage of DoT spells has been buffed at all levels.
  • The underground Hero/Templar area has been enlarged.
  • It is no longer possible to access the chest rewards of General Slez without killing him.
  • Item changes:
    • Magic plate armor now grants 18 armor (from 17).
    • Increased the hitchance threshhold for most high-level bows.
  • Several mapbugs have been fixed.

Posted on: 2014-04-25 17:32:23
Game Update - New training system and much more!
  • 25 new items have been added to the game. For this reason, it's very important that you update your game client by downloading it again from the downloads section. Not doing so may result in crashes or debug assertations.
  • A new quest has been introduced into the game. Are you ready to venture into the hellish realm and face the might of Narolth, the fury of the ashes?
  • A new training system has been implemented. Adventurers of the Sarlin Society may now train their distance/melee skills in the castle of Tindra. While training there, your character will not be kicked when idle, but your skills will advance significantly slower than normally and your soul points will deplete over time. When your soul points get to 0, your character will be automatically kicked from the game. The following adjustments have been made to suit this new feature:
    • The breakchance of small stones has been lowered from 3% to 1%. To compensate, global droprates of small stones have been lowered.
    • Gargoyles healing rate has been lowered.
    • Soul point gain rate has been modified and they are now capped at 600 instead of 200.
  • Paladins can now purchase a bow that increases its attributes with the level if its wielder for 40 zinc coins at NPC Celia.
  • The route between Arnera and Port Sarlin has been fixed and is now available when reaching the Explorer rank.
  • Reduced the rate of regular raids, especially the orc raid in Tindra.
  • The beggar, barbarian and the hunter addons have been fixed.
  • The loot of Orshabaal and other bosses of the hellish realm have been significantly increased.
  • The amount of Empowered Crystals on the first floor of the crystal caves has been lowered.
  • Ferumbras has been granted a new ability to make strategic positioning important while fighting him.
  • Reduced the base health regeneration of elder druids and master sorcerers.
  • The mana cost to conjure sudden death runes has been lowered to 565 mana. However, now this spell will create runes with 2 charges, instead of 3.
  • It is no longer possible to get trapped inside of the room of General Murius.
  • Item changes:
    • Nightmare shield: Now increases your health by 30. Its health regeneration has also been improved.
    • Silkweaver bow: Its increased hitchance has been lowered to 2%.
    • Elvish bow: Its increased hitchance has been lowered to 2%.
    • Demonbone: Now can be sold for 55k (from 45k) gold coins.
    • Several mid-level knight weapons now heal you when attacking with them.
    • Blessed sceptre and royal axe can now be sold at Norbert for 40k gold coins.

Posted on: 2014-04-21 22:02:29
Game Update - Reworked blessing system and experience rates!
  • The loot and health of the Evil have been reworked. It should now be more profitable to kill him on average. Also, the timer to kill him again has been reduced to 30 minutes. Some new rare items have been added to his loot.
  • The experience rates at higher levels have been increased. Experience gain now stabilizes at level 50 and stops decreasing.
  • Rework of the blessing system. Now, all five blessings have been replaced by a single blessing, that will cost (on average) 35% of the original 5 blessings. This blessing will not prevent any kind of experience loss, but will completely prevent item and container loss. With this system we hope to reduce the massive economical problems that blessings caused, while not decreasing the overall difficulty of the game.
  • To compensate, the base death experience penalty has been reduced by about 30%.
  • Damage over time spells like Ignite, Holy Flash etc. now scale with the player's level/magic level/skills.
  • Item changes:
    • Spellbook of Dark Mysteries: Now gives +15 health points.
    • Enchanted forest legs: Now give 5 armor and weigh 28 oz (from 6 armor, 18 oz)
    • Death Ring: Now correctly gives 5% protection against death damage.
  • The ship route between Arnera and Port Sarlin is only available if you are a member of the Sarlin Society now.
  • To compensate, you can now sail from Tindra to Arnera without any conditions.
  • Other smaller bugs and map errors have been corrected.

Posted on: 2014-04-04 15:48:05
Patch Notes
  • 4 new elite monsters have been added to the game.
  • The loot of Slagilith and the Soul of Necra has been slightly adjusted.
  • The Soul of Necra reward chest has been fixed.
  • Increased the amount of non-gear rewards of Prison Island and Orc Domains.
  • Gear Rewards from Orc Domains are now sellable at NPCs.
  • Item changes:
    • Blizzard Rod/Wand of Thunder: Now require level 75 and deal increased damage.
    • Prison Island Wands/Rods: Now require level 110 and deal increased damage.
    • Spellscroll of Prophecies: Now increases your mana by 220 (from 100).
  • Several mapbugs have been fixed, one of them preventing the access to a cave in the swamp.

Posted on: 2014-04-01 20:55:20
Patch Notes
  • The dropchance of turtle shells has been increased.
  • Orshabaal's summoning algorithm has been fixed. He has also received minor damage adjustements.
  • Added new rewards to the existing dungeons.
  • Iron Wall now decreases your melee skills by 55% (from 65%)
  • Baloka now awards slightly less experience points.
  • Added a system to prevent Sheng from being camped without repeating Tauren Dungeon.
  • Other minor map fixes have been addressed aswell.

Posted on: 2014-03-31 22:04:08